Eden’s Green Apple Art Center is a fairly new organization but we are proud to say we have accomplished a lot in the short time we have been organized.  In 2009 the Foster Charitable Foundation granted the City of Eden a complex of buildings that once housed the Eden Wool and Mohair, Eden Locker Plant and a feed store.  The buildings were a part of Eden’s cultural heritage and although they were very dilapidated we didn’t want to see them demolished.  The buildings were granted with the intentions of the complex becoming some form of a community facility however they were in poor condition and much vision was needed to see past their “rustic” appearance. 


Eden’s Green Apple Art Center was founded in 2012 by a grass-roots effort to bring Cultural Arts to downtown Eden, Texas with a mission is to provide an outlet for artists of all genres to showcase their talents. Eden is a small rural community located in the center of Texas and the nearest arts based organizations and venues are located in San Angelo which is 45 miles away.  A group of individuals met and formed an Artists Guild and then set to work to obtain nonprofit status as Eden’s Green Apple, Inc.  which was determined by the IRS in June 2014 as s 501 (c) (3) organization.  


The City of Eden agreed to allow us to use the donated buildings for our purposes and in the spring of 2013 the Green Apple Art Center launched the first concert series of once monthly shows and hosted Slaid Cleaves, Jimmy LaFave, Walt Wilkins, Johnny Cooper, Jason Eady and Kevin and Dustin Welch.  In 2014 the second series brought Ian Moore, Del Castillo, Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis, Drew Kennedy & Courtney Patton, Shinyribs and Griffin House. 


In addition to the music series the Guild is focused on providing an outlet for artisans such as blacksmiths, textile artists, photographers, stained glass artisans and so on to showcase and sell their creations and offer classes.  Eden’s Green Apple is led by an energetic group of creative individuals who want to see more success and artistic endeavors in our rural downtown. Our future plans are to renovate the rest of the facilities and continue to grow our dream.   We literally started with nothing and have turned it into one of the best listening venues in Texas. 

Patrick Dove/Standard-Times Eden city employee Cody Scott uses a cutting torch to build a stage that will be used by live bands at the Green Apple Market and Arts Center. 

Patrick Dove/Standard-Times Eden city employees begin to piece together a metal stage that will be used to hold bands playing live music during the opening of the Green Apple Market and Arts Center.

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